Continuing certification should be integral to physicians’ self-regulation and their professional identity. In a transparent process that includes significant input from a diverse audience, the Vision Initiative will assess the current state of continuing board certification and envision its framework for the future as a process that is valued by physicians, patients, hospitals and health systems.


The Vision Initiative will foster an inclusive, open, collaborative and candid dialogue across stakeholder groups, to:

  • Consider a range of principles, frameworks and program models for continuing board certification
  • Be responsive to the needs of those who rely on the credential: patients, hospitals, and medical practices
  • Be relevant, meaningful and of value to physicians
  • Create meaningful recommendations for ABMS and its Member Boards


The organizations and participants in the process are committed to:

  • Professional self-regulation as both a privilege and a responsibility
  • The role of continuing board certification as part of the professional self-regulatory system