Commission to Complete Key Findings and Recommendations Draft Report for Public Comment

October 22, 2018

The Continuing Board Certification: Vision for the Future Commission (Commission) held its fourth in-person meeting on October 15-16 in Washington, DC. Focusing on its initial set of key findings, the Commission members reviewed and refined those findings and began drafting final recommendations. The findings and recommendations will be part of the Commission’s formal report that will be shared for public comment prior to the year’s end.

The Commission’s findings and recommendations report will reflect the input and diverse needs of the various key stakeholders invested in the continuing certification process. Following a period of public comment on the key findings and recommendations draft, the Commission will meet one last time before submitting its final report to ABMS in early 2019.

The Commission continues to encourage input from many constituencies and appreciates the incredible level of sustained engagement in the Vision Initiative. We hope you will continue to follow the Commission’s progress, and we encourage you to visit the website for updates and opportunities for your feedback and input, most importantly on the upcoming draft report. In anticipation of that draft’s release for public comment, we ask that you share this update with your colleagues so they have an opportunity to review and share their feedback on the Commission’s findings and recommendations.


Christopher Colenda, MD, MPH and William Scanlon, PhD
Co-Chairs, Vision Initiative Commission

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