Commission Nominations Process is Open

December 12, 2017

The Planning Committee is meeting regularly and has already made substantial progress in its work for Phase One of the Continuing Board Certification: Vision for the Future initiative. In addition to exploring the current system of continuing board certification, gathering research and feedback from multiple sources, and attending a series of meetings with specialty and state medical society representatives, the Planning Committee also has completed a key task – establishing the nominating criteria and process to select the 21 to 25 member Commission.

As part of the commitment to be transparent and inclusive, the Planning Committee is actively seeking nominations for individuals to serve on the Vision Commission. Physicians, specialty and state medical societies, hospitals and health systems, health care organizations, consumer groups, patient advocacy organizations, members of the public, and ABMS Member Boards are all encouraged to submit nominations as well as share this open call for nominations with their members and colleagues. Completed submissions must be received by 9:00 pm CST January 8, 2018 for consideration. Commission members will be notified in late January 2018, with a public announcement of members scheduled in February 2018.

The criteria for potential Commission members, submission requirements, and instructions were developed and are available on the newly launched Vision Initiative website. This website serves as a central reference point for the Vision Initiative and includes updates, information, and reports from the Planning Committee and Commission. It allows stakeholders to actively engage in the process by including a dedicated section for feedback and input as well as an opportunity to sign up to receive monthly updates and other breaking news from the Commission. Please make sure to bookmark the website address — — for easy access.

We encourage you to share this update with your colleagues. We also encourage you and your colleagues to both nominate potential Commission members and engage with the Vision Initiative process. We welcome your feedback about continuing certification and this initiative and have developed a comments submission form for you to easily share your input.

The Vision Initiative is dependent on honest and open communication, feedback, and input from our stakeholders. Your input will frame the future continuing certification program and will ensure it is relevant and valuable to all of our stakeholders including Board Certified physicians and the patients they serve.


Norman B. Kahn, Jr., MD Lois
Margaret Nora, MD, JD, MBA